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The Dragon Hoodie is so cool it needed "The" before "Dragon Hoodie".  It's possibly our favorite design which came about many of the best things do!  While designing a completely different print, the dragon idea popped up.  Although it was never used in the intended print, it was too cool to discard.  As a result the dragon became it's own, majestic print, as it should have been all along.  Actual sizing and placement may vary slightly from the mock up.  At Many Moons Merch Company, we strive to create unique designs with a streetwear aesthetic.  


Many Moons Merch Company's brick and mortar shop is located in Sayville, New York on Long Island. A woman-owned and operated business, MMM Co. is dedicated to unique visions, mysterious ephemera, creative endeavors, mystical voyages and esoteric individuals